Ana and Noah

February 21, 2014


Ana and Noah have the kindest and most charitable hearts you could imagine.  Together we planned a unique celebration of their union that perfectly reflected their love for each other and their families.  The reception was moved inside at the last minute due to mother nature sending a cold snap our way mid-April, but the ballroom looked so perfect it was if we’d planned it that way all along!  Eubanks-960 Eubanks-186 Eubanks-744 Eubanks-284 Eubanks-1072 Eubanks-1859 Eubanks-1157 Eubanks-343 Eubanks-867 Eubanks-927 Eubanks-911 Eubanks-906 Eubanks-901 Eubanks-1705

Venue: Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Association Museum

Photographer: Josh McCullock

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Catering: Cheever’s Catering

Rentals: Marianne’s Rentals

Cake: Ingrids

Bride’s gown: BHLDN

Lacy and Mark

February 17, 2014

UPDATE!  Lacy and Mark’s beautiful wedding was just featured on Grey Likes Weddings!

If you can find a couple more in love than these two, I’ll give you a hundred bucks. Never have I met a more laid back couple, willing to go with the flow.  Lacy really wanted a wedding like nothing she’d seen before, so we tracked down some unexpected spaces and got to work!  The result was undeniably magic.  Best. Day. Ever.

 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.001 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.003 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.007 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.006 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.004 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.008 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.009 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.012 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.014

Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.019 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.018 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.017 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.016 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.015

Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.020 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.021 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.022

Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.023 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.024 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.025

Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.029 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.030 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.031

Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.034 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.035 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.039 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.038Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.036 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.037Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.040 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.043 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.045

  Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.048 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.049 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.050 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.051 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.052 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.053 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.054 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.055 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.057 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.060 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.062 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.063 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.065 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.064 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.067


Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.071 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.073 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.079 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.078 Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.077  Aaron_Snow_Photography_Cejda-Wedding_Gibson-Events.080



Ceremony venue: The Chouse

Reception venue: The Greenhouse in Norman

Photography:  Aaron Snow Photography

Rentals: Marianne’s Rentals

Mood Party Rentals

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Catering: Abbey Road Catering

Invitations: Chirps and Cheers

Cakes: Amy Cakes

DJ: Box Talent

Photobooth: SNL Booth

Reem and Patrick

February 8, 2014

 Reem came to us with an idea and a challenge.  A February wedding that incorporated her love of pink and red, an inspiration board heavy on ombre and request to keep the kitsch to a minimum.  The result was a special celebration of she and Patrick and a great party! A couple of notes.  1.  CHECK OUT HER AWESOME GOWN!!! We had to rent a limo at the last minute because she realized the week of the wedding that she couldn’t fit the dress into a classic car! 2.  Seriously. That dress.

Happy Valentine’s week!

Reem 18 Reem 17 Reem 16 Reem 15 Reem 14 Reem 13 Reem 12 Reem 11 Reem 10 reem 9 reem 8 reem 7 reem 6 reem 4 reem3 reem 2 ODonnell-553 Reem1 reem 5

Venue: St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral and the Oklahoma History Center

Photography: Josh McCullock

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Rentals: Marianne’s Rentals for Special Events

Cake: Amy Cakes

I’m sorry, who did you say you were with?

September 11, 2013

In March of this year I received an email I had been dreaming about for a while.  Southern Living was contacting me about doing an editorial spread for their “Southern Table” feature.  Would I be interested in working on a piece for their September Issue?  Um, YES, yes I would.  Cue weird Elaine Benes style dance in my kitchen.

The editorial staff of Southern Living were awesome and it was completely fascinating to experience the editorial process for a national magazine.  I have a healthy respect for these people and the lengths to which they go to ensure the quality of their publication.

The scene is an early fall dinner party among friends.  One of the hallmarks of Southern Living is advocating the use of what you have, what you’ve inherited and what you can create. So we used my china, crystal and flatware, all inherited from a very dear friend of the family, whom I thought of (and miss) like a grandparent. I roped my sweet momma into custom stitching the napkins.  The florals, I’m sure you can guess if you have read any blog post EVER of mine, are from the incomparable Poppy Lane, who lived and breathed this shoot with me from start to finish.  Chirps and Cheers made the most adorable sign for our signature cocktail “Coffee White Russian” and custom letterpressed some bookplates for me that doubled as place cards.  Cafe Evoke went so far as to create a recipe for the drink, which I made up in my head.  I’m sure Jason will make one for you next time you stop by their shop.  Finally, on basically NO notice, Cheever’s (our fantastic neighbors!) gave us a WHOLE carrot cake for the shoot.  And you’d better believe it did not go to waste.  The proverbial icing on the cake was getting the green light to shoot the whole thing at Dutch, the NOW OPEN floral and home boutique on Uptown 23rd and the shiny new home of Gibson Events and Poppy Lane Design.

Below are some of the shots captured that day. A huge thank you to all the players who worked so hard to make it happen. It was pretty awesome.

Sherree and Brad

August 16, 2013

People shouldn’t be allowed to be this good looking on the outside and this good hearted on the inside. These two are as good as they come.  Sherree is a teacher by day/singer-songwriter by passion, while Brad is the designer behind our Ball and Chain and Dutch brands (among the other goodness he produces at his day job).

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of their beautiful and very unique wedding day.  The ceremony was a surprise, and was held after the toasts at their rooftop reception.  It was VERY emotional.









































Venue: OKCMOA and the Colcord Hotel

Photographer: Josh McCullock

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Cake: Cuppies and Joe

Band: Smilin Vic’ and the Soul Monkeys

Printed pieces: Design: Brad Ulrich

Printing: Chirps and Cheers