An Elopement Could Be Fun

October 22, 2014

We had a blast working with Kylie Swanson to style this shoot at Dutch on a dreary Monday in January.  We were thrilled for it to be featured on Style Me Pretty a while back too!

Concept and Styling: Kylie Swanson and Gibson Events

Hair and Makeup: Dry Shop and Melrose Makeup

Models: Brink Models

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Venue: Dutch Floral and Home

Her Wardrobe: Cayman’s

His Wardrobe: Spencer Stone

Cake: Brown Egg Bakery

Prints: Lindsay Letters

rekindled-2 rekindled-4 rekindled-8 rekindled-11 rekindled-14 rekindled-31 rekindled-32 rekindled-35 rekindled-40 rekindled-42 rekindled-46 rekindled-49 rekindled-54 rekindled-59 rekindled-60 rekindled-61 rekindled-62 rekindled-64 rekindled-66

Jayme’s bridals

May 28, 2014

This girl, I mean inside and out you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful individual.  She and Josh had just begun dating when she started as an Intern in 2010.  It has been such a joy to watch them grow individually and as a couple.  I was among a huge group of well wishers when Josh proposed last year.  I thought I knew Jayme, but seeing her engaged was a whole new layer.  You can actually see the joy in her face in these photos.  Not to mention the day was so great with five of us packed in to her SUV with that dress and a bunch of accoutrement stuffed in the back.  Even if these photos were awful, they would be treasured for the memories.  Thankfully they are FREAKING AWESOME.

Venue:  Turner Falls State Park

Photographer: Candi Coffman

Bouquet: Poppy Lane Design

Hair: Blo.

Makeup/grip: Chelsey Ann Artistry

Jayme-bridals0006 Jayme-bridals0020 Jayme-bridals0050 Jayme-bridals0051 Jayme-bridals0054 Jayme-bridals0068 Jayme-bridals0071 Jayme-bridals0059 Jayme-bridals0053 Jayme-bridals0062 Jayme-bridals0114 Jayme-bridals0023 Jayme-bridals0122 Jayme-bridals0125 Jayme-bridals0032 Jayme-bridals0126 2 Jayme-bridals0100 Jayme-bridals0120 Jayme-bridals0123 Jayme-bridals0148 Jayme-bridals0149 Jayme-bridals0144

Girls Retreat

May 7, 2014

Warning: Off season post to follow!  This silly heat in May has me longing for this perfect day, four months ago, when everything was so delightfully cool!

When Jana Carson and Cari Holmes approached me with the idea for this shoot I was IN.  I think secretly I hoped that planning and styling a girls retreat photo shoot would result in ME feeling re-invigorated and it DID.  The idea was simple enough, three girlfriends, spending a weekend setting achievable goals, building camaraderie and eating delicious food.  So basically my ultimate weekend.  The shoot was a blast, and so beautiful, thanks to the hospitality of Jen opening her home at Carlton Landing to us, and Maggie treating us with a couple of mouth watering recipes.

We are so pleased that Style Me Pretty Living picked up the piece as well!  You can see the feature here and a second food feature here.  What a treat!

web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_001 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_007 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_009 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_011 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_018 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_019 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_021 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_024 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_026 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_027 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_040 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_044 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_049 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_055 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_059 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_060 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_066 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_068 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_071 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_077 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_079 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_080 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_082 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_083 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_086 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_090 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_094 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_097 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_108 web_Girls_Retreat_Styled_110

Venue: Carlton Landing

Photography: Jana Carson Photography

Printed pieces: MPress Cards

Recipes: Sharing Thyme

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Kobber Besættelse

April 21, 2014

Since finding these cool tumblers in a vintage store a year or so ago, I’ve been interested in the tiny slice of time during the mod era that Danish modernists embraced the combination  of teak and copper.  I immediately thought of backing it with stark white to really let the beauty of these pieces shine.  Thus the title of this inspiration shoot, which translates to “Copper Obsession”.

We were so pleased to style and produce this editorial photo shoot for the 2014 Spring/Summer issue of the Brides of Oklahoma.  There were many moving pieces and I am continually floored by this team of vendors for “getting it” and bringing their best game to every situation.

I hope you love it as much as we loved putting it together!

p.s. brides – this would be awesomely fun to do for a REAL wedding!! Hint, hint, winky face.

JMC_6817 JMC_6825 JMC_6826 JMC_6828 JMC_6837 JMC_6857 JMC_6862 JMC_6873 JMC_6877 JMC_6880 JMC_6901 JMC_6909 JMC_6941 JMC_6949 JMC_6981 JMC_7078 JMC_7133 JMC_7164 JMC_7207 JMC_7218 JMC_7244 JMC_7301 JMC_7417 JMC_7461 JMC_7512 JMC_7531 JMC_7536 JMC_7547 JMC_7573 JMC_7615 JMC_7655

Venue: Coles Garden

Photographer: Josh McCullock

Stationery: Chirps and Cheers

Florals: Poppy Lane Design

Catering: Abbey Road Catering

DJ:  BlakeO/Box Talent

Photobooth:  SNL Booth

Bar/lounge/guest chairs/aisle runner: MOOD

Staging/lighting: IES

Staging/rigging: Marianne’s Rentals

Hair: Blo.

Make up: LJ Hill

Female guests wardrobe: Meg Guess



Ana and Noah

February 21, 2014


Ana and Noah have the kindest and most charitable hearts you could imagine.  Together we planned a unique celebration of their union that perfectly reflected their love for each other and their families.  The reception was moved inside at the last minute due to mother nature sending a cold snap our way mid-April, but the ballroom looked so perfect it was if we’d planned it that way all along!  Eubanks-960 Eubanks-186 Eubanks-744 Eubanks-284 Eubanks-1072 Eubanks-1859 Eubanks-1157 Eubanks-343 Eubanks-867 Eubanks-927 Eubanks-911 Eubanks-906 Eubanks-901 Eubanks-1705

Venue: Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Association Museum

Photographer: Josh McCullock

Floral: Poppy Lane Design

Catering: Cheever’s Catering

Rentals: Marianne’s Rentals

Cake: Ingrids

Bride’s gown: BHLDN